Leon Somov & Jazzu | ALL ABOUT LOVE

  • Compensa Concert Hall Kernaves st. 84 Vilnius Lithuania

Lithuanian music is simply enchanting, and this band is the living proof! Welcome to a music special with the best electronic beats from the country and a unique jazz voice that will cast a spell on every one of us. Eurochannel presents the hits of Leon Somov & Jazzu in an exclusive live performance.

Leon Somov & Jazzu debuted in 2005 with an unparalleled approach to music in their country, and now they have made their way into big concert halls across the capitals of Europe. Their sounds are a mix of “maximalism” and perfectionism, expressivity and concreteness, echoes of electronica and lyrical ballads, combined in an approach with IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) beats that have proved successful. In 2009, MTV viewers chose Leon Somov & Jazzu for the Best Baltic Act Award.

Formed by vocalist Jazzu and producer Leon Somov, this band is often accompanied by five other instrumentalists in their live performances, which are often very intimate. Delivering elegant synthetic melodies and meaningful lyrics spiced up by the warm voice of Jazzu, they have turned into one of the most internationally successful Lithuanian acts.

Leon Somov & Jazzu is a Lithuanian electronic pop band from Lithuania. Starting in 2005, the group has released two studio albums: Lees and Seas (2013) and Istorijos (2015), with positive criticism from the specialized press and the public. In 2009 the band won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Baltic Act.