Established in 1998, Oskaras Korsunovas Theatre (currently bearing the name of OKT / Vilnius City Theatre) from the outset was determined to remain independent. Such a risk certainly did not come without sacrifices: the newly established theatre did not have a stable source of income, offices, or rehearsal spaces necessary for efficient and creative work; neither did it have a permanent performance venue to present its productions on a regular basis. This daring step was taken for a single reason: OKT firmly decided to cut all relations with the theatrical reality of that time and create a new reality based on a contemporary theatre language.

The theatre’s recently celebrated 10th anniversary introduced a whole lot of important innovations into the quietened life of the theatre, thus as if giving it second wind. After ten years of wandering around different theatre venues in Vilnius, OKT has finally found a home. The new Theatre Arena was inaugurated with the festival of the theatre’s 10th anniversary in April 2009 and became not only its permanent acting space, but also a new cultural hub in the city. The new office premises granted by the Vilnius municipality and the recently extended term of the Vilnius City Theatre allows us to look at the future with hope and optimism.

Today the theatre knows that it would not be able to remain creative and contemporary by existing solely in the local space – without a dialogue with the foreign theatre artistic possibilities soon become exhausted. OKT will not stop looking for new forms and means of communication not only by moving outside the stage or theatre building, but also by transgressing the boundaries of traditional theatre concepts. The theatre will continue to create its architectonic vision in the imagination of its spectators.

Theatre page: www.okt.lt