Maxence Cyrin is a French pianist and composer based in Paris. After graduating from a Conservatoire de Musique he got enthralled by electronic music. His first compositions and recordings date back to the 90’s.

   He soon developed a predilection for the dialogue between pop and classical music, as apparent from his album Modern Rhapsodies(released in 2005 under the FCommunication label founded by Laurent Garnier) with his reinterpretations of famous electronic tunes by Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, or Aphex Twin.

 The false simplicity of Maxence Cyrin’s music is due to his slowly elaborated melodic and harmonic writing, a tenuous alchemy where each note of the score suggests those left unplayed. Thus, a few musical touches come to create a universe which is as wide as it is intimate, filled with vibrant chiaroscuros.

   Well acquainted with the works of Satie, Chopin, and Glass, Maxence Cyrin makes most sophisticated mixtures without ever losing his limpid style. This very refined simplicity led him to collaborate with prestigious fashion houses such as Chanel, Lanvin , Hermès or Valentino.